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UN/WHO Global Call

I was livid when I saw the news around the onset of the pandemic. People were roving about the streets nonchalantly, thinking themselves invincible. Some of them felt festive enough to party in their backyards, in numbers forbidden. They hadn't been stung by the situation in Italy: hospitals had run out of basic medical facilities and, as a result, new victims of Covid-19 were inevitably writhing on their deathbed. Amid all this, I wanted to do my bit to ensure that Canada doesn't befall a similar fate. And so this idea came to life. A reminder of the probable consequence of not staying home.
Stay Home-page-001.jpg
The idea behind this digital cover picture (shareable across social media platforms) was to give the precautionary message of "stay six feet apart" a fun, creative twist while being inclusive. The creative was featured by Ello, a digital publishing platform, across all their social media handles.
Six Feet Apart.png

Art Direction: Jean Quarcoopome

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