Currently in Toronto, Pranav has spent most of his life in hot (like REALLY hot) countries: India, Kuwait and Bahrain. Little did he know studying in Canada would literally mean relocating from a couple microwaves to a chest freezer. 

But the double-double to this espresso of a situation is that Pranav’s friggin’ adaptable. 

He believes in overcoming—and enjoying—daunting challenges. He can now be found

hurling snowballs at friends, family members, and absolute strangers.


Pranav knows zilch about soccer, but there are things he knows...

He believes in making a difference, big or small. Like you and other ad women and men, he wants to shape the world better through creativity. 

He’s working relentlessly toward bringing home a cat so he can save data on cat videos.

Name: Pranav Sabharwal

Occupation: Copywriter

Fear: Getting lost in the woods (without a photographer).


You mean opportunities?


Spicy Chicken Tenders from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

Behavioural Traits

Talking to his indoor plants. (Don’t worry, he’s not entirely insane. Talking to plants is good for their growth.)

Writing poetry and lyrics.

(Know more about him through his resume)